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Payment Methods

Payment methods

We offer 3 ways to pay for your purchases - services from

1. PayPal

2. Cash on delivery (For Cyprus Only)

3. Bank transfer

How is payment made to our online store:

1. Payments through PayPal:

• With PayPal, you can make your online payment quick and secure.

• With PayPal, you can pay by credit card, debit card or bank account.

          After adding the product to the shopping cart, choosing shipping mode, selecting a Paypal payment method, and confirming your purchase, you will automatically be taken to the PayPal website where you can complete the payment.

          Our store does not have access to the paypal page where you will complete your payment. You can then visit your Paypal account and see the details of your transaction. You can check the shipping details you have provided are correct, you can print your transaction, etc. Paypal will email you for your receipt and purchase details. Also via Paypal you will then receive other emails for any changes in the shipping progress of the product.

          You will also receive informative emails from our online store regarding details of your purchase. If you created an account in our online store, you can visit it any time and see details of your purchases, reward points, your invoices, etc.

Benefits of using PayPal:

> Payment is controlled at each stage via your PayPal account.

> Payment does not require the use of a credit card on the internet, the money is transferred directly from the bank account.

> Lookforueshop or any other online store cannot see your card number as it stays secured on the PayPal server.

Customer protection

• If the payment was made via Paypal then the customer has the right to complain about products that have not been delivered, are fake or out of specification, etc. Paypal ensures all customer rights and thoroughly investigates any complaints. In fact, with Paypal, the customer does not pay us but Paypal. We are only paid by Paypal if we are correct with our customer transaction.

          Lookforueshop guarantees 100% insured online purchases on its website. Lookforueshop takes the Internet frauds very seriously for this as an extra security and as an obligation it has an SSL certificate (green lock in the upper left corner of the page) that meets the requirements of a modern online store that conceals all information from credit Cards when a payment is made.

What is Paypal and how does it work?

          Paypal is the best-known and trustworthy mediator for Online Transactions. Electronic payments or purchases are made in a very simple way: Money is sent using only one user's Paypal email, without making known any confidential information such as credit cards or other banking information. Any user, person or company can make a Paypal account by entering only one email, which will then be used for all online transactions.

What do I need to do to open a Paypal account?

          In order to open an account on Paypal, you only need a valid email account. Once you open your Paypal account you have to add your credit card details in your account.




2. Cash on delivery (Cyprus only)

          If the customer chooses to pay for his products upon receive them through COURIER, all he has to do is give his correct details of his identity. We can ship the products with any COURIER that the customer desires but the shipping rates shown are for TRAVEL EXPRESS COURIER only. If the customer chooses other COURIER then he will be charged with any additional shipping charges.

3. Payments by bank transfer

          We offer this method of payment for the payment of any products- services. Details of our account  are attached to the purchase invoice.

          There is no minimum amount required to make this method acceptable. This method, although is very safe, has a time delay for completing the payment of about 2-4 working days with an impact on  delay of dispatch of the product.




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